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At Don's moving we care. We are a local family owned and operated moving company and we've been in business for over 20 years.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make your next move as stress free and smooth as possible. We even provide you some fundamental tips and hints to help save you money and time while planning your new move.

Don and Adam

This power team is a Father and Son duo. Don with over 25 years experience helping people get the most stress free experience possible. With such a history it's no doubt that Adam has spent the last 10 years following in his Fathers footsteps.

With such tight knit family values and a perfect working history Don's moving is available even at a moments notice. Adams experience and youth is contributing to Don's Moving in leaps and bounds and he is always looking for better ways to do things and improve on their already amazing track record.

Always dependable, hard working and courteous they really make moving an easy experience.

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